Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi (b. 1979) is an Iranian artist from Teheran.


He started his artistic career in his homeland, studying as a painter at Elmi-Karbordi Art University in Karaj and he continued his education at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Italy, graduating in Visual Arts.

He's currently based in Milan.


Participant artist in "Walk-in Studio Festival", Milan

Group Exhibition "38TH", Dilmos, Milan


Group Exhibition "Light Chain", Spazio Nour, Milan

Group Exhibition "Independently together", Superstudio, Milan


Group Exhibition "Shackless", Den Gallery, Kuwait City 

Finalist artist at Premio Arte 2018 (Cairo Editore), Palazzo Reale, Milan


Group Exhibition "Persian Contemporary Calligraphy" with Iranian artist and calligrapher Amir Shahrokh Faryoosefi, Spazio Nour, Milan

Artistic direction of "Travel faraway at home" project for "Pocket History", Amsterdam and Milan


Curation of "Art travelling" project with the Municipality of Maastricht, Maastricht, Milan and Tehran

Performance #04 "Chissà" ​Nhow Milano, Milan

Solo Exhibition "I did it! (Hanging gardens)", Nhow Milano, Milan


Participant artist in ISEAS (International Socially Engaged Art Symposium), Raseborg


Professor Assistant and Project Manager of  "Se ci fosse?" (workshop for "Social Design course", addressed to international students), NABA, Milan

Collaborator and Artistic Promoter at Fondazione Empatia, Milan


Performance #05 and Solo Exhibition “Bar B”, Mudec, Milan

Installation “Bagliore”, in collaboration with Sbodio 32 for Milan Design Week, Milan

Performance #06 “I’m sorry”, in collaboration with Sbodio 32, Milan

Solo Exhibition "Time and Temple", NonostanteMarras Showroom, Milan 

Performance #04 "Chissà", NonostanteMarras Showroom, Milan 

Murales project "Art as therapy" for Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Milan


Group Exhibition “Contemporary Evening Nour”, Spazio Nour, Milan


Performance #02 “The First Supper”, Spazio Nour, Milan

Installation “Touch With Eyes”, in collaboration with Antonio Marras for Milan Fashion Week, Milan

Performance #03 “Trust”, in collaboration with Fastweb for Thinking HUB, Milan

Installation and Solo Exhibition “Nuova Terra”, NonostanteMarras Showroom, Milan

Performance #04 “Chissà”, NonostanteMarras Showroom, Milan

Solo Exhibition "Occhi che toccano", Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan


Foundation of "Spazio Nour" cultural centre, Milan


Performance #01 "The Last Supper", Gallery East, Tehran

Workshop in collaboration with Milan and Krakow Fine Arts Academies, curated by Prof. Pier Luigi BuglioniZakopane

Group Exhibition “Take a walk on my culture”, Spazio Nour, Milan

Performance #00, Spazio Nour, Milan

Performance #01 "The Last Supper”, Chiostri di San Barnaba, Milan

Performance “Le parole hanno forza”, Spazio Tadini, Milan

Performance #01 “The Last Supper”, Spazio Nour, Milan

Solo Exhibition ”Incisioni e Linoleumgrafia”, Spazio Nour, Milan

Solo Exhibition ”Ricordi”, Palazzo Reale, Milan


Japanese Calligraphy Workshop with Hiroyuki Nakajima, Nobili Gallery, Milan

Workshop in collaboration with Milan and Krakow Fine Arts Academies, curated by Prof. Pier Luigi Buglioni, Krakow

Group Exhibition “Codice Osservatorio 6″ curated by Italo Bressan, Ignazio Gadaleta e Franco Marrocco, Chiostro di Voltorre, Varese

Workshop and Group Exhibition ”Grafica in Opera” curated by Matteo Giannini, Villa Gori, Massarossa 


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