Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi's work also involves performative practice.

Each performance is conceived as a stand-alone story, the themes vary from action to action.

The involvement of the participants is however a constant, it is in fact thanks to their presence

and their reactions that the performance takes the value of a unique moment.

Intentions of Light

The performance is inspired by a Mavlana Rumi's poem, Persian philosopher, who lived in the XIII century. It was the story of a competition between the Chinese and the Byzantines, launched to determine which people was the best in the art of painting. The challenge took place in the sultan's residence in two identical rooms, placed opposite one another. The Chinese asked the sultan 100 colors to accomplish their work, the Byzantines instead just clean up the walls from rust and dirt, until they became clear as the sky. When the Chinese have finished their work, they were satisfied, even the sultan was impressed by the painting, but his surprise was greater when he discovered the work of the Byzantines. Thanks to the purity achieved on the walls, the Chinese's painting was reflected in the work of the Byzantines, with a brilliance that exceeded any expectation.

The performance is enabled by a painter, Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, and a Japanese opera singer, Akiko Kozato: while the painter paints the canvas, the singer clears the wall in front the paint

revealing a mirror under the dirt.

The idea that moves this project it to transfer into a concrete action the philosophy

that animates the play of Rumi.

Performance 0

Performance 0 took place into Spazio Nour and was enabled by Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi

with Francesca Lolli. The performers, who wear formal dresses, to highlight the importance of the gestures, began writing on a wall two texts belonging to their different cultures: Francesca transcribed "Preghiera Semplice" by San Francesco D'Assisi and Mahmoud a poetical prayer by Saadi, an Iranian poet.

Once they're finished, the wall was whitewashed and the writings disappeared.

The performance can be considered a ritual action which enshrines the collaboration between the artists and the hosting venue.

The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" 1 was an action behind closed doors . Eleven people were invited to take part without any understanding of what to expect. This work was a reinterpretation of the Last Supper and took place three times: at Spazio Nour, at Chiostri di San Barnaba and at East Gallery Teheran..

The First Supper

"The First Supper" turned the courtyard of Viale Bligny 42, where Spazio Nour is located,
into an open and dynamic space. Aiming to integrate people from different cultures and backgrounds, a convivial dinner was helded. Everyone was asked to bring his own chair and to share food. 

During dinner a video was shown: the common vision of images about different aspects of modernity was an instrument to trigger the dialogue between participants.

This work is part of a social and artistic project began in July 2014 with Performace 0. 


"Trust" took place during the event "Thinking Hub 2015" held by Fastweb. The artist set up a dinner table replacing food and cutlery with paint and brushes. He invited the participants to give their contribution to a collective work of art, adding his mark to the final painting.


"Chissà" summons three different cultures: Occidental, Middle-Eastern and Oriental, through the verses of three poets, three mystical visionaries who lived extraordinary lives sharing the same century, but not same places. These are San Francesco d'Assisi (Italy), Molana Rumi (Iran) and Kamo No Chomei (Japan). Their words, rewritten with shiny ink on long sheets of paper by Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi and Akiko Kozato, give a shape to distinct languages, letting however three different ways of thinking converging into one single work and place.

Bar B

"Bar B" aims to reflect on today's conception of the female figure. With reference to the standards of beauty proposed by the fashion companies and advertising images, the artist immortalizes women in the role of the most iconic doll in the world.

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry is an action open to public, 6 women and 6 men are invited to sit with the
performer without knowing what is going to happen. The performance starts with a
passage from one of Charlie Chaplin's movie.

Performance H2O

An experience sensory and relational to the discovery of the another one. a convivial action in which empathy inserts in the four "acts" of the dinner. Inspired by the performance, chef Lillo Frigoli has defined a fourcourse menu - all focused on the empathy and sharing.