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Emblematic element in Middle Eastern cultures, the carpet becomes a starting point for Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi's artistic creation. Rich in cultural and social values, this is reframed, altered and manipulated by the artist who gives it new destinations and meanings.

Mahmoud's carpets are not designed to lie on the ground according to their most famous function, but to be hung on the walls, to float in space or to give a new identity to disused objects.

They are selected according to their era, manufacture, origin and embellished with Persian calligraphic elements made of gold: symbols and signs that often result in abstract forms, to be considered as traces of a fracture that has been remedied. This refers to the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi, namely the practice of using liquid gold to repair broken objects with the idea that from imperfection and wounds can arise an even greater form of aesthetic and inner perfection. 

The carpets therefore offer a vision that reconciles the past with future possibilities, tradition with renewal, interiority with aesthetic research.

Ma collection

Persian calligraphy collection

Golden line collection

Kintsugi collection

Katibeh collection