In 2014 Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi founded Spazio Nour: a creative lab in Milan aimed to promote a dialogue between visual, performative and relational art.

Located in a difficult area of the city, the building in which Spazio Nour stands was known to be theatre of crime, delinquency and degradation; the artist's main purpose was to give this place a renewed life, encouraging a conscious co-existence among people

from different backgrounds and cultures.

The creation of this space was conceived as a work of art in itself, an organism in progress hosting exhibitions, events, artistic residencies and workshops socially engaged, intended to overcome mistrust and difference barriers.

Spazio Nour became a place where art and context are inextricably connected and can be considered as a sign of how even from a fracture beauty can arise.



This project aims to give a voice and a space to discrepancies existing between different cultures. It consists of events, performances and artistic works that aim at uniting distant realities through dialogue and visual confrontation.


For four days 24 artists from different part of the world met themselves in Poland in occasion of an art project held by Brera and Krakow Fine Arts Academies. The encounter aims to trigger a dialogue without giving any name, any title and any rules, in order to speriment in massimum freedom. The only common language, was the one of Art.

The workshop was intended as an artistic collaboration between five artists: Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, Ewelina Lekka, Aneta Doleglo, Marta Mosiolek and Joanna Jasek.

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